We make the process of carrying out international payments, UK domestic payments and regular payments simple for our customers.

You can send/receive payments to/from your BFC Bank account from international locations in a variety of currencies . To make a payment, you simply pre-define who to pay through our online banking portal.

Our experienced customer service team is on hand from 9am-6pm to support if you need any help.

International payments

An international payment is the transfer of money to or from another country. Some banks charge significant fees and foreign exchange (FX) charges for any international payments. These charges are not always clearly explained, which can have a big impact on your business.

We believe in a different approach, making it easy and cost-effective to make international payments. Our ethos of fairness and transparency means that we fully disclose all our tariffs and foreign exchange charges.

Inward payments

You can receive international and UK domestic payments directly into your BFC Bank current accounts in a variety of currencies. You’ll receive an immediate payment advice with details of the transaction and can also see payment information online in real-time. Inward payments are secure and made via Swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), EURO Target 2 payment scheme or the Faster Payments Scheme.

Outward payments

You can make online international and UK domestic payments from any BFC Bank currency current account. Once you have pre-defined the payee using the online banking portal, you can make secure, online payments to worldwide destinations in most major currencies.

Payments in Euros from the UK to most European countries should settle on the same day. Payments to other countries and currencies will take between one and five working days, depending on the payment*. There are additional factors to consider such as the number of intermediary banks that may be involved in the transaction. You’ll receive a detailed payment advice immediately after each transaction.

outward payments

Using our online portal, it’s easy to make regular payments to pre-defined beneficiaries in the UK or internationally from your BFC Bank currency current account.

Payments can be made in most major currencies to worldwide destinations.

 *subject to appropriate screening