December 4, 2019

2020 Savings Champion Awards Winner

The judging for the Savings Champion Awards 2020 is complete and the votes have been counted and verified and I am delighted to tell you that BFC Bank has won the following awards:

Best Business Fixed Rate Bond Provider
Best Charity Fixed Rate Bond Provider

Our awards acknowledge excellence in a wide range of savings categories, recognising those banks and building societies that have consistently improved rates, provided excellent customer service and promoted competition in the savings market over the last 12 months, so congratulations on this fantastic result.

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Our reputation as the leading savings industry experts and the place to go for savings information and advice means that the Savings Champion Awards are highly sought after by all the key players in the savings market.

Savings Champion is one of the few places savers can go for truly independent, whole-of-market savings advice. So, our wealth of knowledge, experience and unrivalled research and data –combined with our impartiality –is what makes our awards different and our opinion trusted.

We’ll be in touch over the next week to answer your questions and to talk about the excellent packages that are available to help you get the recognition you deserve and to make the most of this unique marketing opportunity.

Many congratulations again.

Tom Adams
Head of Research
Office: 0800 011 9705