Modern business banking with traditional values

At BFC Bank, our specialised banking services model provides international payments, multi-currency accounts and foreign exchange (FX) services for businesses.



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Through our digital banking platform, you can manage your account efficiently and easily, make payments and take advantage of competitive foreign exchange rates. We’ve created a bespoke service to bring you innovative, international banking and transparent fee tariffs.

21st Century banking with a 100-year pedigree

The origins of the BFC Group date back more than a century. We provide financial services in over 55,000 locations in 40 countries. We have been in the UK since 2003 and received our UK banking licence in September 2016.

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Working with SMEs

A simpler way to trade internationally. We provide a suite of products designed for SMEs. Our cost-effective solutions simplify the management of international payments and foreign exchange. Our specialised bank service for SMEs complements your present bank arrangements with our international focus.

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